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    This is the place to see up to date information on my progress helping to do research projects on:

     1. Finding better treatments for more types of Childhood Cancer

     2. Helping researches understand the role that    bacteria plays in disease by studying the human microbiome

     3. Assist scientists search for antiviral drugs in order to fight the Zika virus.

     4. Help researchers learn more about Tuberculosis, known as TB, and how to overcome it.

     5. Work to number crunch work units for scientists in new analysis techniques for anti-HIV drugs

     6. Look into mapping chemical markers that are associated with various type of Cancer

How do I do this you ask? By using my home computers and mobile devices to download work units for research. My devices number crunch and upload the results back to the labs to help out scientists!

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-Angelo Koutsogiannis


Welcome to my IBM World Community Grid Statistics Page